Product information

All Maskiset products for hygiene and personal protection comply with EU regulations and test reports and certification certificates from authorized laboratories are available. In many products, this information can also be found as attachments directly on the product page.

Upon request, we are also able to deliver custom masks, handcuffs and disinfectant towels on a fast schedule. With the customer's own logo or pattern. Likewise, larger wholesale deliveries. Request a quote!

The following links provide general information about the products in the various product groups.

Face masks and respirators

Maskiset face masks and respirators comply with EU regulations and meet or exceed the required filtration and other properties. The product pages describe the features of each mask and protector. Also customized, with customer's logo or pattern quickly and affordably.

The face mask is a general protective device whose main function is to prevent the user's own secretions from spreading into the environment. The material can be paper, different fabric grades and, for example, polyester. Cotton and Polyester have been found to work best in several studies, and the best ones have multiple layers, and possibly a separate filter layer, which also filters out bacteria and viruses in the breathing air. Fabric face masks are washable and can be used multiple times.

Respirators are protective devices intended primarily for healthcare professionals, which have different levels of filtration efficiency. Filtration efficiency is usually measured by BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency @ 0.3 microns) figures, and are used to classify protectors into different categories.

The protection classes in Europe according to the EN 149 standard are:

  • FFP1 that filters at least 80% of particles
  • FFP2 that filters at least 94% particles, N95 and KN95 meet this standard
  • FFP3 that filters at least 99% particles, N99 and KN99 meet this standard

FFP2 and FFP3 level respirators protect the wearer from bacteria and viruses.

The purpose of the surgical mask is to reduce the spread of user secretions to the environment, and to protect the user from splashes. The masks are disposable, have a maximum recommended life of 6 hours, are usually three-layered, and do not fit on the face as well as respirators, making them less effective in protecting their wearer from potential airborne particles. The protection levels of the surgical mask according to EN 14683 are:

  • TYPE I that filters at least 95% (BFE) 3.0 Micron particles
  • TYPE II that filters at least 98% (BFE) 3.0 Micron particles
  • TYPE IIR that filters at least 98% (BFE) 3.0 Micron particles

The TYPE IIR rating also requires other features, such as a defined level of splash protection.

Hand hands and rinses

Masked Your Hands is an environmentally friendly and safe alcohol-based gel, the active ingredient is ethanol (75%) which with 99.99% efficacy kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Additives include glycerol and aloe, which care for the skin, and as a fragrance mild and pleasant magnolia.

The gel smells and dries quickly and does not leave an unpleasant sticky surface like many poor quality handcuffs and gels.

The product is available in 300ml and 500ml pump bottles, as well as in a convenient 100ml spray bottle. The 100ml spray bottle is also well suited for air travel, where the maximum package size for liquid substances is 100ml. A special 5 liter filling canister for pump bottles as a special order, Sales.

Disinfectant wipes

Masked Disinfecting Hand and Moisture Wipes are all disinfectant, meaning they are effective in killing bacteria and viruses. The towels are multi-purpose, eco-friendly and safe. The active ingredient is either alcohol (75% ethanol) or ammonia derivatives. Wipes destroy up to 99,99% from harmful bacteria and viruses. The towels are ISO 13485 certified.

It is good to note that Maskiset Wet wipes are a completely different matter than normal cheap wet wipes, which have virtually no disinfectant effect.

The active ingredient in wet wipes is fast evaporating and drying and does not leave a damp surface.

Product available in 10, 60 and 80 easy-to-use packages.