Hand saniziter gel 99.99% effective 300ml pump bottle

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An alcohol-based gel that effectively (99.99%) destroys bacteria and viruses.

The glycerol and aloe contained in the product pamper and keep the skin soft.

Quick-drying and leaves no moisture on the skin. Pleasant mild Magnolia scent.

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Your hand gel 300ml 99.99% effective pump bottle

  • alcohol-based (75% v / v) effective antimicrobial hand gel in a convenient dispensing bottle
  • destroys 99,99% from bacteria, viruses and other microbes
  • glycerol and aloe care for the skin and keep the skin soft
  • fast drying, leaves no moisture on the skin
  • mild pleasant magnolia scent
  • pump bottle refillable (see  Your hand gel 75% alcohol 5L filling canister)

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