Antibacterial cotton face mask for Halloween 5 pcs

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Antibacterial 100% cotton mask for Halloween 5pcs

  • Stylish, high-quality and finished antibacterial Halloween-themed face mask
  • Antibacterial 100% cotton mask for Halloween 5pcs
  • 100% breathable and comfortable natural cotton cotton
  • silver ionized, killing viruses, bacteria and other microbes
  • silver ionization power 99% even after 50 washes! (see test report)
  • with adjustable ear loop
  • UV-protective, dust and microbial filter cloth
  • OEKO Tex-100 certified, does not contain latex, PVC plastics or other harmful substances
  • Complies with FZ / T 73049-2014 quality standard
  • Usage: daily use
  • Care: 100% cotton mask is very machine washable

Silvadur ™ is a method developed by DuPont for the effective elimination of bacteria from fabrics. The Silvadur method achieves effective antibacterial activity with significantly lower amounts of substances than previous, traditional methods implemented with copper or silver. For example, about a hundred times the amount of copper required in face masks is required to achieve the corresponding antibacterial effect, which naturally strains nature as well as can also cause sensitization and allergic reactions to the user. The effectiveness of these antibacterial masks made by traditional methods also decreases rapidly after washing, or they do not tolerate washing at all. The effectiveness of Silvadur antibacterial masks is still 99.9% from the original after 50 washes, and no ingredients are released from them. Learn more Silvadur method

Anti-bacterial Silver Ion mask video.

You can also choose different patterns for one order of 5 pieces, state the desired patterns in the order at the checkout.

100% in cotton, this face mask is a great option for everyday use. Thanks to the ionization of silver, the mask has an antibacterial effect, in addition to which the mask also has good filtration properties, but still good breathability. And the mask can be washed up to 60C program (recommended 40C), which destroys all possible harmful microbes.

The mask is also designed to sit as naturally on the face as possible, so it does not irritate the skin and does not feel heavy to wear. Several patterns.

All Maskiset.Net masks comply with EU regulations, are made of high quality and approved materials and are safe to use. Masks that require certification and testing, such as surgical masks and FFP2-level respirators, are neutral and approved. tested and certified by research institutes. In addition, a number of non-certification masks have still been commissioned with test reports materials, purity and non-toxicity of materials, filtration capacity and other similar properties. Maskiset face masks and fabric masks are safe and comfortable to wear, using the mask will protect both yourself and your fellow human beings. Instructions for use of masks and other products, as well as any certificates, test reports and more detailed product information can be found in the links at the bottom of the product page.

Silver ion concentration  | Antibacterial test report  | Safety report  |  Maskiset product information and instructions  |   Learn more about Maskiset products

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